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Update on COVID-19 Vaccinations

After a whirlwind of a week, we thought we’d share some key numbers of where we are up to on COVID-19 vaccinations in Ely North and Ely South Primary Care Networks (i.e. for patients registered at Cathedral Medical Centre, St George’s Medical Centre, St Mary’s Surgery, Burwell Surgery, Haddenham Surgery, and Staploe Medical Centre):
  • 9500 vaccines given so far – from 15th Dec 2020 to 24th Jan 2021
  • Cohort 1 (care homes) : 100% of all our consenting care home residents have been vaccinated
  • Cohort 2 (Over 80s): all invited, and approx. 90% vaccinated. If you’re over 80 and have not yet been vaccinated, expect a letter in the post, or give your surgery a call – we will make sure you’re vaccinated if you want to be!
  • Cohort 3 (Over 75s): all invited, approx. 83% vaccinated
  • Cohort 4 (Over 70s and clinical extremely vulnerable): all will be invited this week
We have achieved this amazing result through 21 clinic days and over 3500 hours of effort – 1000 of which were provided by our incredible army of 117 volunteers. WOW!
The numbers speak for themselves. This has been a Herculean effort by everyone – and it continues to be! We simply would not be able to do this without the incredibly generous help of all the volunteers, or without the massive commitment of our staff who have worked so hard throughout this pandemic. It continues to be a very special, heart-warming, and historic thing to be a part of, in it together, as a community, to get us all back to health and normality. We will be echoing THANK YOU for months and years to come, but it is meant with equal strength every time we say it. A special shout out also to Silver Oak coffee for providing vouchers for our lovely volunteers to say thank you!
We know there are many more waiting in the wings who would like to help – and for that we are truly grateful. We are continuing to ‘settle in’ to how we run the clinics and will continue to work out how best to enable everyone who would like to take part to do so.
We also know there are many of you who are anxious to get your vaccine. We are doing our best to communicate as often as we can to keep you all updated, but as you’ll have seen in the news, things are changing very rapidly. Our priority is to ensure that we provide vaccination clinics on as soon as we have certainty over vaccine deliveries. We’re excited to say that we are expecting deliveries that should enable us to almost complete cohorts 1-4 in the next 7-10 days. The clinics are going live shortly, so if you’re eligible, please look out for the SMS to book yourself in, or wait for our call.
Meanwhile, it would help us enormously if you would please:
  • keep checking your practice website for more information
  • not call or visit your practice to enquire about getting your vaccination if you haven’t yet heard from your practice. Please don’t worry! You haven’t been forgotten and you will get your vaccine as soon as possible.

Lastly – a reminder that we are here for you and your health as always. Under current lockdown rules, it is better to contact us through ask my GP or on the phone rather than coming in person, but please don’t do nothing!